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Section 7
Connecting the Automated System with the Users' Offices
Service Provider: The General Department of Automated System through the Administrative Affairs at Customs HQ or the Automated System Department at the Customs Point
Service Requirements:
The applicant must be an importer, exporter or customs broker whether he/she is natural or legal person.
The applicant must have all documents required for practicing the profession.
The applicant must comply with the customs regulations and instructions.
The applicant must have a computer and its accessories compatible with ASYCUDA, in addition to a phone landline.
Required Documents:
Official application from the applicant.
Identity card.
Broker's clearance card.
Commercial record renewed.
Copy of the lease contract if the office is inside the customs domain.
Customs Procedures:
Submitting the request with attachments to the General Dept of ASYCUDA at the YCA headquarters or the relevant Customs border offices.
Reviewing the request and attachments.
Visiting the site and connecting with SAM (automated system).
Activating and operating SAM, and training the applicants.
Time of Service:
2 days including the activation and training
Service Fees: 5000 RY
If the applicant is a Gov agency related to customs work, then an official letter should be presented to the YCA to connect the service under specified authorizations based on a minutes signed by the YCA and very agency.