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Other Customs Services
6.1.: Returning pre-paid customs duties (Drawback)
Service provider: General department of exemptions through the department of administrative affairs at the YCA- headquarter in Sana'a.
Service requirements:
Presenting the manufacturing equation of the exported local goods.
Demanding the duties must be within three years as of the exportation date.
Importation of raw materials used in the manufactured exports should not exceed one year from the exportation date.
Exportation should be through the main customs border offices.
The beneficiary should provide an official letter concerning drawback. This letter should be accompanied by a statement for calculating the duties to be returned according to the specified model.
Providing the original import declarations of the raw materials along with a copy of the receipts and their documents in addition to the original export declaration of the exported quantities and a copy of their documents.
Providing an arrival certificate from the destination country (final customs declaration) in the case of exporting by land or transshipping the exports on vessels with cargoes less than 200 tons.
Providing a statement of the import declarations and last exportation declaration according to the specified model.
Customs procedures:
Handing over the official letter and the basic documents to the administrative affairs department.
Referring the request to the general department of exemptions (the investment department) to review and decide on the request.
The technical review by the general department of audit, then referring the request to the finance dept.
Through the finance dept at the YCA, an official letter concerning drawback will be written to the Ministry of Finance.
Through finance dept at the YCA a check of the due sum will be issued based on the approval of the Ministry of Finance.
Any demands surplus the due sum should be exposed to the customs forfeits.
Time of service: 15-30 days, based on the availability of the documents and correctness of the request.
Service Fees: None.
6.2: Returning of customs duties sent to the public revenue account:
Service Provider: General dept of Audit at YCA
Service Requirements:
The demanded sums should be already deposited to the public revenue account by official receipts whether they were collected by mistake or without any entitlement or before their due date like financial guarantees, or the duties of goods which are not identical to the specifications or that are expired.. etc.
Providing an official letter from the customs point where duties were paid.
Providing the inspection certificate from the competent body at the customs point for the rejected, non-identical or expired cases.
Providing the original import declaration, receipt and a copy of the documents.
Providing the documents related to the returning request.
Customs Procedures:
Handing over the letter and documents to the administrative affairs department at YC-HQ.
Referring the request to the general dept of Audit to review and decide on it.
Writing a letter to the Ministry of Finance requesting refund.
A cheque of the due sum will be issued based on the approval of the Ministry of Finance.
Time of Service: One week, provided the documents' completion.
Service Fees: None.
6.3.: Re-issue customs documents
Substitute vehicles customs declaration
Clarification of the vehicle's customs declaration data.
Addition of a motor number in the vehicle's customs declaration.
Correction of the chassis or motor number in the vehicle's customs declaration.
Service Provider: General dept of Audit (Manifest Dept) at the YCA-HQ or one of its authorized regional offices.
Service Requirements:
Presenting a written request according to the specified model by the vehicle's owner, broker or an official authorization.
Providing a copy of the customs declaration upon asking to clarify the customs declaration data, to add a new motor number or to correct a digit on the chassis or motor.
Providing a copy of the customs declaration or its data upon requesting an alternative declaration.
The damaged declaration upon requesting an alternative declaration.
The ownership document ratified by the traffic court if the carnet is not in the name of the applicant.
The vehicle carnet must be new or renewed.
Providing a copy of the identity card if necessary.
The chassis and motor numbers must be intact, without any change or modification.
Providing a customs declaration for the motor upon asking to add it in the vehicle's customs declaration.
Beside the requirements and documents mentioned-above, the following requirements and documents are needed upon asking for alternative of a lost declaration:
An official letter from the Traffic authorities if the vehicle's customs declaration or document was lost before granting the metal number plate.
Providing a commercial guarantee ratified by the Chamber of Commerce that if the lost document is found, it will not be used.
Having an official notice from the traffic authorities on the carnet if it was lost.
Publishing an announcement in the newspaper regarding the lost customs declaration or document.
Vehicles belonging to Gov agencies and corporations are given an alternative for lost declaration only on the basis of an official letter from the very agency. The alternative carries the name of the very agency or corporation.
Customs Procedures:
Submitting the request and documents to the General Dept of Audit (Manifest Dept) or any authorized branch.
Ensuring the data of documents and those in the YCA archive or the authorized branch are identical.
Examining the vehicle physically and matching the data in the customs declaration.
Issue an alternative for the lost or damaged declaration, clarifying data or correcting the desired numbers. These new documents are signed by the specialists and stamped in accordance with the service desired.
Submitting the document to the applicant.
Time of Service:
1-2 days.
2-5 days if the customs declaration goes back to over ten years.
Service Fees:
2000 (Two thousand) YR for an alternative document.
1000 (One thousand) YR for clarifying information or correction.
6.4.: Dispute Settlement
Service Provider: General Dept of Customs Tariff through the Administrative Affairs at the YCA-HQ.
Service Requirements:
An existence of a dispute on the customs value, classification or country of origin in the customs point; and availability of a registered customs declaration for goods under dispute.
Submitting an official request specifying the claim and its reasons.
Submitting a copy of the goods’ customs declaration and documents, as well as the findings of physical inspection of the goods.
An official letter from the customs point identifying the subject of dispute, its reasons and the customs opinion.
The customs point officially sends a sample of goods or the catalogues based on the nature of goods to the HQ. This sample is guarded and sealed by the customs point.
Submitting copies of the contracts, correspondences, bank credits, catalogues and any other documents the relevant department asks for upon considering the request.
Customs Procedures:
Referring the request to the General Dept of Tariff.
Reviewing the request, documents and the customs point's opinion, and then making a decision.
If the vehicle's value is not available in the vehicles value guide, or if the dispute is on the manufacturing year, decision is based on the prices and manufacturing references available in the department.
Deciding on the request, and writing an official letter about the result to the customs point.
Time of Service:
4-7 days for goods.
1-2 days for vehicles and equipment.
Service Fees: None.
6.5.: Broker Licensing:
Service Provider: The General Dept of Legal Affairs through the Administrative Affairs or any authorized branch
Service Requirements:
The applicant for the card must be a Yemeni not under 25 year old.
The applicant must have a permanent office in the area of his activity.
The applicant must be qualified enough to practice the profession.
The applicant must not be dismissed from a Gov agency for bad conduct, irresponsibility or bad performance. He/she must not be sentenced for dishonesty unless he proves not guilty.
The applicant must provide an acceptable guarantee to the YCA.
The applicant's record should be clean of any violations and breaches when asking for renewal. This can be ascertained from the reports of the automated system.
For practicing the profession, the applicant must have TIN and connection to the automated customs system.
Required Documents:
Submitting an official letter requesting having or renewing clearance card.
Identity card.
License for practicing the profession.
Certificate from the Customs Training Institute that the broker has attended the training course on customs clearance.
Formal letter from any customs point emphasizing the experience of the applicant for at least three years.
Commercial guarantee ratified by the Chamber of Commerce.
Commercial record for companies, corporations and individuals.
TIN after license issue.
Customs Procedures:
Applying to the Administrative Affairs at the YCA headquarters or any authorized branch.
Reviewing the request by the General Dept of Legal Affairs, and issuing the card.
Paying the service fees.
Ratifying the card by the YCA Chairman, his representative or the authorized customs branch.
Upon requesting to renewal, the presented documents must be renewed, including the guarantee and tax card. Formal letter from the customs point where the broker works should also be presented.
Time of Service:
One week for issuing the clearance card.
Two days for renewal.
Service Fees:
10,000 (Ten thousand) YR for issuing a card.
2,500 (Two thousand and five hundred) YR for renewal.