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Passengers Service
2.1. Personal Possessions:
Service provider: Customs border offices
All ,not frequented, passengers enjoy the ability of entering the personal luggage and gifts with exemption from duties, fees and the other taxes, provided that their value should not exceed 100,000 YR, they should not be similar articles with commercial feature.
For the incoming non-resident travelers into the Republic of Yemen who brings special equipment, his work's nature requires, then those equipment should be treated according to the terms of the temporary admission and added to their passports.
Note: This exemption is not applicable on the prohibited goods.
2.2: Admission of private vehicles for Tourism or Visit:
Service Provider: Customs border offices
a. Vehicles that have the international traffic carnet (treptique):
Vehicles are permitted to enter the country for tourism or visit if their owners have the treptique issued by one of the international clubs accredited by the YCA.
Required Documents:
Valid treptique for a period not less than 2 months of the expiry date when submitted.
Data of the treptique must be the same as the data of the vehicle ownership document. The vehicle driver must have an authorization from the owner ratified by the official bodies in the country which the driver has come from.
The treptique must be stamped and marked by the last customs office in the departure country.
A copy of the passport.
An ownership document and a valid driving license.
The allowed period for the vehicle to stay is three months; that can be renewed upon the request from the YCA-HQ or an authorized office or the customs point from which the vehicle entered.
The vehicle can not be used for internal transportation. It also cannot be hired to others.
The vehicle can not be sold or awarded to others unless the YCA was notified.
Vehicles entering the country through the treptique system are subjected to legal penalties and fines if they do not leave in time.
The required service fees must be settled.
b. Vehicles without treptique
Vehicles without treptique may enter the country in return of a financial bond equivalent to the customs duties, taxes and other charges. They are also subjected to the conditions and procedures as in the treptique system.
Time of Service: 30 minutes.
2.3: Dutiable vehicles, machines, and equipment (personal importation).
Service Provider: Customs border offices
It is allowed to clear vehicles, machines and equipment imported for personal use provided that they should be as follows:
Vehicles: manufacturing: should not exceed seven years + the year of manufacturing; the steering wheel should not be on the right side or transferred from the right to the left side after production.
Equipment and machines: manufacturing: should not exceed 15 years + the manufacturing year.
Service requirements:
The delivery order issued by the carrier, and a copy of the bill of lading if the importation is by sea.
Declaration of final exportation if it is by land.
A copy of the authorized driver's passport.
The invoice of purchase or the ownership document when necessary.
The chassis and plate numbers should be intact without any change or modification.
Note: If there is more than one vehicle or piece of equipment belonging to the same person, they are subjected to the conditions of commercial importation procedures. All documents mentioned in the general principles of this guide must be available including TIN.
Customs Procedures:
The owner or his/her authorized representative or a clearance office should submit the documents to the reception section.
Vehicles and equipment undergo physical inspection and check by the customs officers.
Duties, and other charges and taxes are automatically calculated on the basis of the customs valuation guide in the automated system.
Time of Service: one working day.
Service Fees: None.
2.4: Dutiable Personal Imports
Service Provider: Customs border offices
Service Requirements:
Goods or packages should be imported for personal use. They should not be related to the importer’s, exporter’s or agency’s activity; otherwise, they are dealt with TIN.
Submitting the delivery order + a copy of the airway bill/ bill of lading if they were imported by sea or air.
Invoice or any other document should be submitted when necessary.
Customs Procedures:
1 Submitting the customs declaration (personal import declaration).
2 Finalizing the steps of registering the declaration and customs valuation.
3 Calculating and paying the customs charges and other taxes.
4 Delivering the release order, a copy of the customs declaration, and a receipt signed and stamped by customs.
Time of Service: 2 to 3 hours
Service fees: None.
2.5: Exemption of Used House Furniture and Instruments belonging to Yemeni immigrants:
Service Provider: Customs border offices
Service Requirements:
On arrival, the used house furniture and instruments of the immigrants are exempted according to the following conditions:
Immigration period should be at least four years.
Value of the furniture and instruments should not exceed (500, 000 YR).
Quantity of the jewelry should not exceed (350) grams.
The immigrants’ belongings or some of them must not be prohibited.
The added value over the two specified limits is subject to customs duties and other taxes according to the valid tariff system.
Submitting a copy of the passport.
Customs procedures:
1 Submitting the customs declaration (personal import declaration).
2 Finalizing the steps of registering the declaration and customs evaluation, and paying customs duties and other taxes.
3 Delivering the release order, a copy of the customs declaration, and a receipt signed and stamped by the customs.
Time of Service: 2 to 3 hours
Service fees: None.