اليوم الجمعة الموافق : 04 - ديسمبر - 2020


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Yemen Customs celebrates the international customs day 2020

posted : 2020-01-28 00:00:00

Yemen Customs Authority organized on Sunday the 26th January 20202 the annual event celebrating the international customs day under the slogan of "Customs, country's economy". The finance minister, Mr. Sharaf al-Din Ali Al-Kohlani, said, in the presence of: -Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Komim, -Minister of Trade and Industry, Mr. Abdel Wahab Al-Durrah, - Minister of Awqaf and Guidance, Mr. Najeeb Al-Aji, -Minister of Works, Mr. Ghalib Mutlaq, - Minister of Social Affairs and Labor, Mr. Obaid bin Dabaie, - Vice-President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Muhammad Salah, -And Commander of the Rescue Forces Major General Ahmed Ali Jaafar Akad, that the Customs Authority celebration of international Customs Day in the capital of Yemen; Sana'a, under the conditions of aggression and siege, assures everyone of the rescue government's ability to exercise its national role in the conduct of country affairs, and maintaining security and stability. It also confirms that the legitimacy is entirely for the Supreme Political Council and the National Rescue Government. He appreciated the efforts made by the Customs Authority's leadership and its employees, which had a positive impact in the revenues collection and development during the year 2019. He considered that the Authority employees works, in all governorates and centers, is as a biggest challenge since the beginning of the aggression until now. Al-Kohalani pointed out that the Customs Authority was a major finance tributary, during the past year, representing an important part in the revenues collection, which contributed to operate the vital and service governmental entities that affect the daily life of citizens. The finance minister also confirmed that the authority has made great efforts in protecting citizens from contraband and commodities that threaten, in the main degree, the people life and provided a model for those who stand on the homeland side and defending it. He praised the authority's interest in enhancing the principle of transparency in the various actions it undertakes. In his turn, the Customs Authority's chairman, Mr. Yousif Zabarah, confirmed that this celebration comes in conjunction with the world's celebration on this day, which is considerate as the inauguration of a new phase that requires more successes in the customs work performance. Praising all the Customs Authority staff, who perform their role with dedication and sincerity, especially in light of this stage in which Yemen is exposed to brutal aggression. He called on the Customs employees to double performance and keep pace with the Authority's aspirations in order to achieve the expected revenues and goals to supply the country's treasury that faces the military and security obligations, operating expenses obligations and other obligations towards citizens. The ceremony included a reportage presenting the most important achievements of Customs Authority within a year. At the end, a number of the concerned bodies and authorities chairman and Customs Authority employees were honored with appreciation certificates. The customs chairman and his deputies were also honored by the Authority's employees in recognition of what they provided to them.