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Law 14 intro
law 14 ending
1 Part One
2 Part Two
Customs Department’s sphere of Work
3 Part Three
Principle of Application of Customs Tarrifs
4 Part Four
Restrictions and Prohibitions
5 Part Five
Distinguishing Elements of Goods (Origin – Source – Type- Value)
6 Part Six
Import and export
 6.1 Section One
6.1.1 (1) Marine Transportation:-
6.1.2 (2) Land Transportation
6.1.3 (3) Aerial Transportation
6.1.4 General Provisions
 6.2 Section Two
 6.3 Section three
Transportation by postal Correspondence and Parcels
 6.4 Section Four
Common Provisions
7 Part Seven
Customs Clearance Stages
 7.1 Section One
Customs Declarations
 7.2 Section Two
Inspection of Goods
 7.3 Section Three
Provisions Concerning Travellers
 7.4 Section Four
 7.5 Section Five
Payment of Duties and Taxes and Removal of Goods
8 Part Eight
Conditions of Duties in Abeyance
 8.1 Section One
General Provisions
 8.2 Section Two
Transitory Goods (Transit)
8.2.1 A-General Provisions
8.2.2 B- Ordinary (Transit) Passage
8.2.3 C-Special (Transit) Passage
8.2.4 D- (Transit) Passage on International Documents
8.2.5 E-Transport from Center One to Center Two
 8.3 Section Three
8.3.1 A- General Provisions:
8.3.2 B- Genuine warehouses
8.3.3 C- Special Warehouse
8.3.4 D-Pseudo Warehouse
 8.4 Section Four
Free Markets and Zones
 8.5 Section Five
Temporary Admission
 8.6 Section six
 8.7 Section Seven
Refund of Duties on Re-Export
9 Part Nine
Coastal Shipping and Internal Transport
10 Part Ten
 10.1 Section One
 10.2 Section Two
Diplomatic Exemptions
 10.3 Section Three
Military Exemptions
 10.4 Section Four
Personal Exemptions
 10.5 Section Five
Returned Goods
 10.6 Section Six
Miscellaneous Exemptions
 10.7 Section Seven
Common Provisions
11 Part Eleven
Services Fees
12 Part Twelve
Customs Clearers
13 Part Thirteen
Rights and Duties of Customs Employees
14 Part Fourteen
The Customs Domain and Detection Of Smuggling
 14.1 Section One
The Customs Domain
 14.2 Section Tow
Detection of Smuggling
15 Part Fifteen
Customs Litigation
 15.1 Section One
Investigation Through a Warrant Of Arrest
 15.2 Section Two
Preventive Measures
15.2.1 sub-section One
Preventive Seizure
15.2.2 Sub-section Two
Preventive Arrest
15.2.3 Sub-section Three
Prohibition of Travel of Violators and Those responsible for smuggling
 15.3 Section Three
Follow – ups
15.3.1 Sub section One
Administrative Follow – up    A –follow – up in accordance with collection resolutions.    B – Follow – up in accordance with a find resolution.
15.3.2 Section Two
15.3.3 Section Three
Lapse of the Right of Follow-up    A- Settlement by way of conciliation    B- Remission of Smuggling crimes
 15.4 Section four
Responsibility and liability
15.4.1 Sub- section One
Civil Responsibility in customs violation And Smuggling crimes
15.4.2 Sub section Two
Liability in Violations and smuggling Crimes
 15.5 Section Five
Trial Fundamentals
15.5.1 Sub-section One
The Competent Court
15.5.2 Sub –section Two
Competence of the Court
15.5.3 Sub- section Three
15.5.4 Sub –section Four
Manner of lmpugnment
15.5.5 Sub –section Five
Miscellaneous Provisions
 15.6 Section Six
15.6.1 Sub-section one
Summary Enforeceability
15.6.2 Sub-section Two
Enforcement of Judgements and Collection and Fines Resolutions
 15.7 Section Seven
Customs Violations And Their Fines
15.7.1 Sub –Section One General Provisions
15.7.2 Sub- section Tow
Violations of Statements on condition of consumption
15.7.3 Sub-section Three
Violations of Export Statements
15.7.4 Sub- section Four
Violations of Condition Placing Fees in Abeyance    A- Common provisions:-    B –Transit Goods Violations:-    C- Warehouses Violations    D- Free Zones Violations:-    E- Temporary Admission and Re-Export Violations:-
15.7.5 Sub-section Five
Cargo Manifest Violations
15.7.6 Sub-section Six
Cruise and possession Violations (Land ,sea and Air)
15.7.7 Sub-section Seven
Miscellaneous Violation
 15.8 Section Eight
Smuggling and its penalties
15.8.1 Sub- section One
Definition of Smuggling and what is Judged to be smuggling
15.8.2 Sub –section Two
Criminal Liability
15.8.3 Sub – section Three Fines
16 Part Sixteen
Sale of Goods
17 Part Seventeen
Distribution of Customs Fines and values of Expropriation
18 Part Eighteen
Lien of the Customs Authority
19 Part Nineteen
20 Part Twenty
Transitional and Varied Provisions