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Part Eight
Conditions of Duties in Abeyance
Section Two
Transitory Goods (Transit)
  E-Transport from Center One to Center Two
  Article (99) : In the event of transport from center one to center two the persons concerned may be exempted from making a detailed declaration. In such case, they must produce to the first center:-
  1- Road papers or cargo lists and other documents that are determined by the Customs Authority.
  2- Submit a brief statement thereon endorsed by a guaranteed undertaking whose sample is determined by the Customs Authority. Such brief statement may be replaced by a shipment statement prepared in the country of source in the cases that are determined by the Customs Authority.
  Article (100) : Customs employees at the entry center have the right to carry out an inspection to ascertain the correctness of the contents of the brief statement.
  Article (101) : The brief statement referred to in Article (99) of this law maybe replaced by an accompanying memorandum prepared by the customs employees at the first center, and that in the cases and according to conditions that are determined by the Customs Authority.