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Part Six
Import and export
Section One
  (3) Aerial Transportation
  Article (46): The aircraft’s captain must steer the craft from the moment it crosses the frontiers the aerial ways that have been determined for it.
  Article (47) : The goods carried by aircraft must be recorded in the cargo statement signed by the captain of the aircraft and such statement must be organized in accordance with the conditions set in Article (39) of this law.
  Article (48): The captain of the aircraft must produce the cargo statement and the lists provided for in Article (39) of this law to the employees of the customs on first demand.
  He must submit these documents to the airport customs centre, along with their translation when necessary, and that immediately upon the aircraft’s arrival.
  Article (49) : -In principle the inloading and casting away of goods from aircraft while in flight is prohibited. However, the captain of the aircraft may order the casting away of goods if that is necessary for the safety of the aircraft, provided that he informs the Customs Department thereof immediately upon its landing.