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Part Six
Import and export
Section One
  (2) Land Transportation
  Article (44) : -Goods imported by land must be taken from the frontiers to the nearest customs centre and its transporters must follow the road or route that leads directly to such centre determined by resolution of the Chairman of the Authority published in the Official Gazette.
  The transporters of such goods are barred from surpassing them beyond the customs centre without a permit or place them in houses or other places before taking them to such centre.
  When necessary and by resolution of the Chairman of the Authority the entry of some goods by other routes may be permitted.
  Article (45) : Goods transporters and their companions must upon arrival at the customs centre submit a lading list or road voucher that takes the place of a cargo statement signed by the driver of the transport means and endorsed by the transport company, if any, and organized in accordance with Article (39) of this law, provided that the value of the goods shall be added. When necessary the Chairman of the Authority may decide some exceptions to this rule. The lading list or road voucher must be accompanied by documents in support of its contents in accordance with the conditions determined by the Customs Authority.