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Part Fifteen
Customs Litigation
Section Eight
Smuggling and its penalties
  Sub –section Two
Criminal Liability
  Article (270):- The presence of intent in smuggling crimes shall be a condition for criminal liability.
  In determining liability the criminal provisions in force shall be duly observed , and in particular, the following shall be considered criminally liable:-
  a – Original perpetrators .
  b- Patens in the crime.
  c- The intervenors and incisors 
  d. Possessors of smuggled materials.
  e. Drivers of the means of transport used in the smuggling.
  f. Tenants or beneficiaries of shops and places in which the smuggled goods were deposited.
  g. Owners of the means of transport , shops and places mentioned in items (e) and (f) of this article , if their knowledge thereof is proved.