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Part Fifteen
Customs Litigation
Section Seven
Customs Violations And Their Fines
  Sub-section Six
Cruise and possession Violations (Land ,sea and Air)
  Article (263):- A fine ranging between (127.5)and (652.5)dinar or(3.315)and (16.965) riyals shall be imposed for the following violation :-
  1- possession or transport within the customs domain of goods subject to the control of such domain and that in an irregular manner or in a manner that contravenes the contents of the transport voucher.
  2- The undertaking by vessels whose tonnage is less than(200)marine tons of transporting limited , restricted ,or goods subject to excessive duties or designated restricted goods and that within the customs domain (sea),whether these have been mentioned in the cargo manifest or not, or changing their course within the domain in other than conditions arising out of a marine emergency or force majeure.
  3- The docking of vessels, landing of aircraft or the parking of other means of transport in other than the places assigned to them and permitted by customs.
  4- Departure of vessels , aircraft or other means of transport from the harbour or the customs domain without permission from the Customs Department.
  5- Docking of vessels of any tonnage or the landing of aircraft in other than the ports or airport assigned for that and in other than condition of marine emergency or force majeurew without notification thereof to the nearest customs centre.