اليوم الأحد الموافق : 23 - سبتمبر - 2018


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Part Fifteen
Customs Litigation
Section Five
Trial Fundamentals
  Sub –section Five
Miscellaneous Provisions
  Article (229):- The Customs Authority shall be exempted from the stamp duty fee and all other judicial fees and costs entailed by the case .However, if the Customs Authority should lose the case that shall not entail bearing the fees and costs that are adjudged in favour of the other party.
  Article (230):- The Customs authority shall be exempted from submitting surety, insurance or payment of advances to ensure the costs due form the litigants in accordance with provisions in force.
  Article (231):- In the trial procedures the civil or penal trials fundamentals, that is not inconsistent with the provisions of this law.
  Article (232):- The competent court shall speedily consider the cases that fall within its competence and which this law provides for summary enforceability of judgements thereon.