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Part Eight
Conditions of Duties in Abeyance
  Section six
  Article (152) : Goods entering the Republic that have not been placed for consumption may be re-exported to abroad or to a free zone in accordance with the fundamentals and procedures that are determined by the customs authority, with due regard of the laws and regulations in force.
  The condition of re-export shall apply to the following: -
  1- Goods present in customs warehouses.
  2- Goods accepted in one of the conditions of warehousing or as temporary admission.
  3- Goods placed for consumption exempt from all or some duties and taxes and that when the exemption lapses for some reason.
  Article (153) : In some cases permission may be given to transport goods from one vessel to another or draw the goods that have not been entered in the customs warehouses on the wharves to vessels under conditions determined by the customs Authority.