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Part Eight
Conditions of Duties in Abeyance
  Section Two
Transitory Goods (Transit)
  A-General Provisions
  Article (88) : Goods of foreign origin may be transported in accordance with the transitory system (transit), whether such goods have entered the frontiers to leave from other frontiers or are sent from one customs centre to another, provided that the last transportation is not by sea except by guarantees ensuring customs rights.
  Article (89) : Transit operations may not be undertaken except in the customs centres that are permitted to do so.
  Article (90) : Goods passing through in accordance with the transit system are not subject to restriction or prohibition unless there is provision to the contrary thereof in the laws and regulations issued by the competent authorities.
  B- Ordinary (Transit) Passage
  Article (91) : Goods may be transported according to the ordinary passage system on all roads appointed by the Customs Authority and by various means of transport at the responsibility of the signatory of the undertaking and the guarantor.
  Article (92) : The provisions concerning detailed declaration and inspections provided for in this law shall apply to the goods referred to in the preceding article.
  Article (93) : The goods that are transported in the condition of ordinary passage shall be subject to the conditions that are determined by the Customs Authority as regards the compressing of parcels and containers and as regards the means of transport and the submission of guarantees and other undertakings.
  C-Special (Transit) Passage
  Article (94) : Transportation in accordance with the special passage system shall take place by means of railroads and by transport companies on licensed motor cars and aircraft by resolution of the Authority and that at the responsibility of such bodies and establishments.
  Transport companies shall be licensed according to numbers, conditions and specifications determined by the Chairman of the Authority in a manner that does not contravene any other law.
  The resolution on the licence shall include the guarantees that must be submitted and all the other conditions. The Chairman of the Authority may halt such licence for a specified period or revoke it when the conditions and instructions determined by the Authority are impaired or in the event of misuse of the condition of special passage by committing acts of smuggling on licensed means of transport.
  The resolution halting the licence or revoking it shall be final and not admitting any form of review whatsoever.
  Article (95) : By resolution of the Chairman of the Authority the roads and routes on which transportation can take place in the condition of special passage shall be determined along with the conditions of such passage, with due regard for agreements concluded with other states.
  Article (96) : The provisions of procedures related to detailed declaration and detail inspection shall not apply to goods sent according to the condition of special passage. In this regard a brief statement and overall inspection shall suffice, unless the Customs Department considers the carrying out of detailed inspection necessary.
  Article (97) : The provisions of special passage provide for in this law shall be applied for the purposes of implementing agreements that incorporate provisions on passage, unless the contrary thereof is provided for in such agreements.
  D- (Transit) Passage on International Documents
  Article (98) : Transport in accordance with the interstate passage system is permitted to companies and organizations so licensed by the Chairman of the Authority after submission of the guarantees determined in the licensing resolution. Such transport shall take place according to unified international books or documents and on motorcars of specific specifications.
  The customs Authority shall determine samples of the unified international documents or transport books according to the system of passage on international documents, matters of compressing and the specifications of motor cars that are permitted to undertake such transportation.
  E-Transport from Center One to Center Two
  Article (99) : In the event of transport from center one to center two the persons concerned may be exempted from making a detailed declaration. In such case, they must produce to the first center:-
  1- Road papers or cargo lists and other documents that are determined by the Customs Authority.
  2- Submit a brief statement thereon endorsed by a guaranteed undertaking whose sample is determined by the Customs Authority. Such brief statement may be replaced by a shipment statement prepared in the country of source in the cases that are determined by the Customs Authority.
  Article (100) : Customs employees at the entry center have the right to carry out an inspection to ascertain the correctness of the contents of the brief statement.
  Article (101) : The brief statement referred to in Article (99) of this law maybe replaced by an accompanying memorandum prepared by the customs employees at the first center, and that in the cases and according to conditions that are determined by the Customs Authority.