اليوم الخميس الموافق : 21 - يناير - 2021


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Part Six
Import and export
  Section Two
  Article (51) : Every Vessel, train, motor car, aircraft or any other means of transport, whether loaded or empty, shall be prohibited from leaving the Republic without its having presented to the Customs Department a cargo statement in accordance with the provisions of Article (39) and all the documents referred to in the said article, and having obtained a departure permit, unless there is some exception determined by the executive Regulation of this law.
  Article (52): Goods prepared for export must be taken to be declared in detail to the nearest Customs Department. It is prohibited for transporters towards the land frontiers to cross customs centres or point without permit or to follow other roads with the intent of avoiding such centres and points, provided that as regards goods subject to the control of the customs precinct the provisions determined by the Customs Authority in accordance with the provisions of this law taken into due consideration.