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Part Fourteen
The Customs Domain and Detection Of Smuggling
  Section One
The Customs Domain
  Article (183) :- Designated prohibited goods , goods subject to excessive duties and others as appointed By the minister by resolution published in the official Gazette shall be subject to the provisions of the customs domain .
  Article (184) :- It shall be a condition for the goods Subject to the provisions of the customs domain For their transport within it that they be accompanied by a transport voucher given by the Customs Department in accordance with the conditions determined by the Customs Authority. Similarly, the possession of goods subject to the Provisions of the customs domain can be restricted to certain places by resolution of the Chairman of the Authority, and other than such places the presence of any warehouse for the said goods shall be prohibited.
  The place where large and small bales or other parcels , when there presence is not supported by a regulatory vouchet, shall be deemed to be a warehouse.
  The normal requirements that can be obtained within the scope of the domain for the purposes of consumption shall be determined by the Customs Department.
  Article (185) : The transport or possession or movement of goods subject to the provisions of the customs domain in a non- regulatory manner shall be deemed equal to import or export by smuggling as the subjection of the goods that are subject to the provisions of the customs domain to import or export may be, un-less proof to the contrary thereof is presented.