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Part Ten
  Section Six
Miscellaneous Exemptions
  Article (169):- The following shall be exempt from customs duties and other fees and taxes within the terms and reservations that are determined by the Customs Authority :-
  1- commercial samples.
  2- Supplies, fuel, materials, lubricating oils , spare prats and other equipment for high seas vessels and aircraft as well as all that is re quited for the use of their passengers and crews in their external trips and all that within the limits of reciprocal treatment.
  3- Personal effects devoid of any commercial quality such as sports and scientific medals and prizes.
  4- The equipment, instruments and requirements imported by public hospitals.
  5- The equipment, instruments and requirements that are imported by private hospitals during their stage of founding only and provided that their number of beds exceeds ten.
  6- The types and products imported by orphanages to ensure the livelihood and employment of organs under their guardianship.
  7- The primary materials imported by the homes for the blind to accomplish specials works undertaken by their inmates.
  8- The types and products imported by the Ministry of Education and the general, technical and vocational training establishments subordinated to it as well as what is imported of these thing by special institutes, Universities, schools, kinder gardens and day – care centers with consent of this ministry.
  9- The types and products imported for mosques by the Ministry of Awqafs or other competed quarter.
  10- Machinery instruments, equipment, materials, and produced that are imported by the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural by the Ministry of Agriculture for Agriculture use in government projects and agricultural and fish production inputs and all equipment, machinery and spare prate parts used in agriculture and fisheries.
  11- What is imported by the Arab and foreign antiquities missions for consumption during their work such as photography requirements plaster of Paris, etc.
  12- The goods that are from abroad free of charge as compensation for damage to or shortage in goods previously imported and on which the customs duties and other fees and taxes were collected in full at the time, provided that the Customs Department shall ascertain the validity thereof.