اليوم السبت الموافق : 16 - يناير - 2021


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  Part Twenty
Transitional and Varied Provisions

  Article (286):- The Chairman of the Authority may exclude the state official and semi-official departments, the public sector authorities , establishments, installations and quarters to facilitate their work, including acceptance of the value of goods imported by them as shown in invoice (lists) to which are added the costs of transport and insurance and any other expenses required by the import process, provided that this shall be limited by the condition that such exception shall not lead to prejudice against the duties and taxes due in accordance with laws in force, whether by exemption or by affecting the ratio of their levy.
  Article (287):- The executive regulation shall be issued by the minister and by the competent quarter and the Chairman of the Authority, each within his competence, the group of regulations , resolutions, directives, declarations and fundamentals necessary for implementation of the provisions of this law.
  Article (288):- This law shall be published in the Official Gazette and shall come into force from the date of its issue and revokes any previous law or provision contrary to its provisions.