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  Part Seventeen
Distribution of Customs Fines and values of Expropriation

  Article (280):- a. The ratio payable to the public treasury from what is collected by the Customs Authority of amounts of fines and values of things, goods and means of transport that are expropriated in accordance with a settlement contract is set at 60% and this ratio shall be deducted after the deduction of costs, taxes and fees, either before or after deduction of the ratio of informers in accordance with what is determined in the organisational fundamentals determined by the minister.
  The remainder shall be distributed among the seizers and their heads and those who aided in the discovery of the violation or smuggling operations or completion of the measures related thereto and what is available of combat of smuggling, social co-operation and savings found, the common fund and sports and culture activity of the Customs Authority, provided that what a person collects in a single case shall not exceed (300) diners in ordinary seizure cases and (500) diners in the extra-ordinary ones.
  b. Every fine that does not exceed (15) dinars or (390) riyals shall revert to the funds referred to in the above paragraph or to any one of them .c. The fundamentals of distribution and the ratio assigned to those benefitting from such distribution shall be determined by resolution of the minister.
  Article (281):- In the cases where fines or compensations are not collected or when such fines or compensations are meager and the Customs Authority cannot reward informers and seizers, the minister may permit, contrary to the provisions of Article (280) of this law, distribution of the proceeds of sale of expropriated goods and means of transport in the manner he deems fit, upon the proposal of chairman of the authority or payment of an amount from the public treasury to be determined by the mister himself.