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  Part Thirteen
Rights and Duties of Customs Employees

  Article (179):- Customs employees are considered to be customs police men as regards their work as judicial police-men within the limits of their responsibilities . customs employees and its police men shall not be litigated against before the judiciary for a reason relating to their undertaking their functions, except following prior consent of the public Attorney. Upon their appointment the customs employees nad the customs police men receive the service authorization granted by the chairman of the authority.They must carry such authorization when undertaking their work and produce it on first demand. The Customs employees and police – men swear, upon their apointment , the legal oath before the primary court in the region where they have been appointed.
  Article (180):- The civil and military authorities and the internal security forces must extend to Customs employees and police – men every assistance in undertaking their work when they request the same. the Customs Department also must provide its support to other departments.
  The men of the said quarters may not be litigated against before the judiciary for a criminal offence that ensues out of the post in the course of their undertaking the compat of smuggling except in accordance with the provisions of Article (179) of this law.
  Article (181) :- Members of the customs police force and customs employees are permitted to carry fire –arms if the nature of their work necessitates that . the segments of such employees, who are not numbers of the customs police force, shall be determined by resolution of the Chairman of the Authority following approval of the Minister of the Interior.
  Article (182):- Every employee of the customs or the customs police force who leaves the job for any reason whatsoever should immediately retune all that is in his trust of authorization, registers, equipment and the like to the competent quarter.