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  Part Twelve
Customs Clearers

  Article (175):- The declaration on goods at the Customs Department and completion of customs procedures thereon, whether for imports, exports or other customs conditions hall be accepted from:-
  a. Owners of goods or their authorized employees in whom the conditions prescribed by the Customs Authority are available.
  b. The licensed practitioners of the vocation of Customs clearance.
  c. Customs employees in cases determined by the Customs Authority.
  d. Workers of the state who are so designated for this purpose by the quarter charging them therewith.
  Article (176):- The permit of handing over the goods must be submitted by the persons mentioned in the preceding article.
  The issue of the handing over permit in the name of the customs clearer of the employee of the owner of the goods is deemed to be an authorization to complete Customs procedures and the customs shall bear no responsibility for handing over the goods to whosoever is issued the handing over permit.
  Article (177):- a. Every natural person who engages in the preparation, signing and submission to customs of the customs declarations and completion of the procedures related to clearance of goods to the account of other shall be deemed a customs cleaners.
  b- Body corporates may be licensed to practice the vocation of customs clearance, provided that the General Manager of the member authorized to manage the company and managers of its branches, if any, meets the conditions required in the natural person licensed to practice clearance.
  Article (178):- Any natural person or body corporate may not practice the vocation of customs clearance except after obtaining a permit therefor from the Customs Authority.
  The conditions that must be met for such permit to be granted, and the duties which cleansers must undertake, the disciplinary board that considers their professional violations and the disciplinary penalties that are imposed in this regard shall be determined by a resolution issued by the minister.